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A cavity or tooth decay is a bacterial disease that results in small fissures in the teeth, specifically on chewing surfaces. According to reliable sources, the number of people that have this disorder is about 2.5 billion. This normally results in the case of improper oral health.

A cavity is formed when bacteria accumulates over the teeth over a prolonged period of time. This gets noticed when the enamel and dentin (the hard portion of the tooth that surrounds the pulp) gets destroyed. Cavity formation leads to tooth discoloration, thinning, foul smell etc.

Hence it is of no surprise that a large number of people seek assistance of dentists for this disorder despite of the fact that it’s not a life threatening disease.

Cavities are classified into many according to various criteria like etiology, affected hard tissue, progression rate. Whatsoever the cavity type may be, the preventive measures are all the same.

Maintenance of oral hygiene, modifications in diet is some of the easy but relevant measures. However other treatment modes are also available which includes use of dental sealants etc.