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At Dr. Prof. Asheesh Gupta’s Dental Clinic we are pioneers in offering dental education , training candidates to become dentists in all aspects of dentistry and offering a wide range of dental certified courses in different formats.

Dr. Prof. Asheesh Gupta’s Dental Clinic provides unique training program & curriculum which provides students, with exceptional clinical skills which enables them to return as fully fledged dentists with high level of confidence and ready to treat patients.

Clinical Courses

  • Endodontics
  • Prosthodontics
  • Orthodontics
  • Oral Surgery


This is a three month course and it is done under an specialised endodotist . Students will receive training under the guidance of Post Graduate (MDS) Faculty for numerous of patients:

Course Features, which are offered at BDS dental clinic, are:

  • Performing the root canal treatment independently on patient
  • Theoretical aspects and step by step explanation
  • Trouble shooting and practical aspects of the case
  • Restoration of an Endodonically Treated Tooth.
  • Latest Armamentarium including R.V.G., Apex Locator, Rotary etc.
  • Post and Core will be Demonstrated.
  • Use of Pro-tapers – Hand & Rotary.

After the course is completed, the candidate would be well versed in the concept of access opening, cleaning and shaping and obturation of root canals by using latest equipments such as RVG, Rotary Endodontic instruments, Apex locators and pro-taper systems.

After the course is completed, the candidate gains confidence to perform a successful root canal treatment at their clinic.

Salient Features of the course:

  • Ample number of patients for all participants
  • All restorative materials, endodontic instruments, post & core & other armamentarium are provided by the institute.
  • Size of each batch is limited to 3 students.
  • Study Material will be Provided by the Institute.



The course will be done under a Prosthodontist and students will be trained on numerous patients.

Module 1

  • Treatment planning on various diagnostic aids and proper decision on edentulous/partial patients
  • Offering Ceramic veneers as treatment modality.
  • All ceramic versus Metal ceramic crowns.
  • Sequencing and treatment planning.
  • Contemporary materials used in extra coronal restorations.
  • Choice of fixed or removable prosthesis considering implant and over dentures as options.
  • Fixed partial dentures/Removable/Complete dentures-Crown and Bridge Work.

Module 2

  • Laboratory communication
  • Importance of try-in procedures
  • Cementation of fixed prosthesis

Module 3

  • Principles of tooth preparation
  • Biological, Mechanical and Aesthetic considerations of tooth preparation.
  • Endodontics evaluation; vital and non-vital teeth Shade determination
  • Necessity of provisional and different techniques
  • Techniques of different types of gingival retraction
  • Pre surgical corrective procedures
  • Crown lengthening techniques
  • Management of Soft tissue of various stages
  • Esau and correct impression procedures/ Latest Impression materials.

Choice of Courses

  • Four month clinical practice course offered in multiple specialities
  • Course for one year in clinical proficiency in general dentistry
  • Speciality of a 3 month course under an experienced prosthodontist
  • Weekend clinical courses,expertise in all specialities

Salient features:

  • Ample number of patients for all participants
  • Study Material will be Provided by the Institute.
  • Students will be Trained under the guidance of Post Graduate (MDS) Faculty

The Students have to bring an Air-Rotor Hand Piece with Burs.

Timings: Three Days a Week 9.30 AM TO 1.00 PM.



  • Knowledge of MBT bracket system
    • M- Mc Laughlin
    • B- Bennet The latest and the Best
    • T- Trevisi
  • Specialty of the courses
    • Use of latest fixed orthodontic appliances
    • Case analysis
    • Band placement
    • Bonding of the brackets
    • Concept of wire sequencing
    • Wire placement/ Begg’s Light Arch Wire Techniques
    • Straight Wire Techniques/Securing the wire
    • Use of elastomeric modules and steel ligatures
    • Use of Elastics
  • Module 1
    1. Knowledge and importance of retention
    2. Removable and fixed retainers
    3. Lingual bonded retainers
    4. Minimising relapse
    5. Patient instructions
  • Module 2
    1. Understanding the number game
    2. Essential Diagnostic Aids
      • Lateral cephalogram
      • Orthopantomogram
      • Diagnostic casts
    3. Cephalometric tracing
    4. Identification of landmarks
    5. Drawing the planes and angles
    6. Interpretation of the cephalogram
    7. Space analysis/Cephalometric Analysis.
  • Module 3
    1. Understanding the end result
    2. Finishing and detailing of the case
    3. Evaluating soft tissue esthetics
    4. Evaluating molar, canine and incisor relationships
    5. Settling the occlusion
    6. De bonding of the case
  • Module 4
    1. Understanding the appliance/ Bracket
    2. Inbuilt features of the bracket system
    3. Tip control
    4. Rotational control
    5. Torque control.
  • Module 5
    1. Knowledge of biomechanics
    2. Tooth preparation
    3. Accurate Bracket positioning
    4. Anchorage preparation
    5. Securing wires onto the bracket
      • Use of NiTi (nickel titanium) wires
      • Use of SS (stainless steel) wire
      • Use of TMA/ beta titanium wires
    6. Placement of elastomeric modules and/or steel ligatures
    7. Force application
    8. Use of different elastics
    9. Analysis of tooth movement (at each patients visit)
  • Module 6
    1. Knowledge of Orthodontics
    2. Diagnosis of Orthodontics
    3. Enumeration of the problem list
    4. Treatment plan
    5. Hit the problem list in priority sequence
  • The students would be trained on numerous patients under an Orthodontist, and follow the instructions
  • The course is for a period of 5-8 months.
  • If the candidate wants to evaluate his or her results on the allotted patients, then the course is extended for about 4-6 months.
  • As the patients are cooperating with the students, they wouldn’t be charged by the the dental clinic.
  • Extra care would be taken to the patients who are volunteering for the treatment, quality treatment would be given to these patients
  • Each module consists of theory lectures of 2-4 hours and clinical demonstrations as required
  • In a month there will be 4 sessions consisting of 6-8 hours.
  • For Teaching sessions, clinical demonstrations, the candidates would be set up in batches of 3to 4
  • The faculty, will only give patients to those candidates who are sound theoretically, not all candidates will be given patients at the same time.
  • The candidates will be able to perform the entire strap up(banding,bonding and wire placement) on two patients at least under the guidance of the orthodontist.
  • After the strap the candidate will be able to evaluate the patient on the dental and soft tissue changes on a month to month basis.
  • Even though the candidate completes their training programme , the candidates can still work on the treatments analysis of the patients.
  • The students need to bring an Air-Rotor Hand Piece with Burs.

Salient Features:

  • Study Material will be Provided by the Institute.
  • Comprehensive Training Program includes latest techniques under the post graduate (MDS) Faculty

Timings: 3 days a Week 2.00pm TO 4.30pm


Oral Surgery

Duration of the Course:
This is a 4 month course that will be taught to candidates under an Oral surgeon on numerous patients.

The Course will be conducted and guided by the Post Graduate (MDS) Faculty on: 

  • Surgical extraction of Third Molar Impactions.
  • Closed reductions of Fracture Mandible.
  • Most difficult surgical extractions of the teeth.
  • Apicoectomies.
  • A traumatic Extraction to Facilitate immediate implant Placement using Dental Luxators and Periotomes..
  • Electro – Cautery
  • Cyst E nucleations, Peripheral Neurectomies, TMJ Ankylosis Management will also be Demonstrated.

The Students have to bring an Air-Rotor Hand Piece with Burs.

Salient features:
Study Material will be Provided by the Institute.

Timings: Three Days a week 9.30 am TO 1.00 pm.