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Best Quality Dental Filling at Affordable Prices in Rohini & Pitampura

Silver Filling

They are also known as amalgam filling. The constituents of this amalgam are mercury, silver, tin and copper. They are one of the most primitive forms of filling that was introduced about 150 years ago.

It is still one of the most cost effective and durable restoration methods. Statistics reveal that almost 1 billion amalgam restorations are being performed in a year.

This type is advantageous when a more conservative restoration is required. These kinds of situations include small occlusal restorations etc.

GIC Filling

This restorative procedure makes use of Glass Ionomer Cement (GIC) and hence the name. These materials were introduced in 1972 for anterior teeth restoration. What makes them suitable for the restoration process is that these materials are tooth colored.

Another advantage of these materials is that they bond directly to the tooth tissue and hence acid etching can be avoided. Their anticariogenic property is an added advantage.

Composite Filling

This process involves the use of synthetic resins as restorative materials. There are various properties that make synthetic resins suitable for this purpose. These include insolubility, resistance to dehydration, ease of manipulation, cost-effectiveness etc.

What makes synthetic resins different from the traditional amalgam is its more aesthetic appeal. Various shades of tooth colors are available that makes the restoration process nearly invisible. Another advantage of this process is its very high bonding strength.