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Best Enamel Shaping in Rohini

Enamel shaping is done, when one of your teeth are a little is uneven, or you have a small chip, or rough spot on the inside of the tooth irritate your tongue, this is the best, the quickest and inexpensive procedure, which is known as enamel shaping which is the best solution.

This procedure is done when the tooth needs fine adjustments, and the surface is a little rough

How enamel shaping is done?

The dentist use the same kind of tools, which are used to polish the teeth during a routine cleaning, the dentist will remove a small amount of enamel from the surface to create a smoother look, this enamel shaping is done without an anaesthetic.

The opposite of enamel reshaping is “bonding”, this procedure is done when a small amount of tooth-coloured resin material is added to fill in the holes and te small gaps in the teeth, after the bonding is done the dentist uses a polishing tool to smooth the surface, both these procedures together find a safe and quick and easy way to improve your smile.