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What is Orthodontics?

Orthodontics is a kind of dental specialty that aims to avert, diagnose and of course treat dental and facial irregularities like bad bites (malocclusions). However, most of the orthodontic practices are devoted to general orthodontics and dentofacial orthopaedics but could effectively treat patients of all age.

Who is an Orthodontist?

In much the similar way as medical professionals select to specialize in fields such as neurology and cardiology, dentists may also select to specialize. Orthodontists are thoroughly qualified dentists or dental professionals who embark on an additional 3-year of university degree and thus gain deep knowledge in an orthodontic program.

Choosing an orthodontist includes the assurance that potential treatment is being performed by a medical professional with specialty study in biomechanics and oral biology.

According to experts, young kids must first be assessed by an orthodontist at the age of only seven in order to ensure that tooth and jaw irregularities aren’t starting to build.

Why does one need it?

Orthodontists are skilled in correcting or arranging misalignments of jaw and teeth. There could be lots of debilitating issue related with misalignment such as difficulties chewing, speech defects and problem maintaining required oral hygiene.

Therefore, in order to get rid of such types of problems associated with oral health insist one to look for an orthodontist.

Let’s have a brief look at some of the most usual problems an orthodontist in Delhi Dr. Parul Gupta can effectively treat.

Anteroposterior Deviations

General cases of anteroposterior deviations are including underbite in which lower teeth are usually positioned further forward than usual upper teeth, second overbite in which the upper teeth are normally arranged further forward than available normal lower teeth. Hence, both of aforementioned deviations may cause difficulty chewing and articulating.


Overcrowding is considered as one of the most usual issues orthodontists normally treat. Occasionally, lack of natural jawbone space or area means adult teeth aren’t supposed to erupt in arrangement with available teeth. A qualified orthodontist is capable of realigning the teeth through a number of treatments and unobtrusive devices.

Aesthetic Issues

It is also seen in a few cases that the natural shape of the entire face can be negatively impacted by bad bite or malocclusions. The orthodontist can realign and restructure lips, teeth and jaw to create an astonishing smile and thus face appearance.

How does an orthodontist restructure & realign teeth and jaws?

First, an orthodontist conducts a detailed assessment of the teeth and jaw. Bite impressions (Study Models) and x-ray would be taken prior to an orthodontist may start the treatment.

Having observed thoroughly a certain condition of the patient, an orthodontist can choose the most suitable treatment plan to deal with the issue.

Go through stated below some of the most popular treatments, which are highly used by orthodontists.

Dental Braces

The right combination of durable brackets attached to each tooth as well as an archwire that connects the brackets are usually positioned to softly guide the teeth into an appropriate alignment or position. Modern dental braces are made of clear or ceramics materials (invisible), metals, etc.

Facemasks & Headgear

These apparatus are normally used to rearrange or correct a growing problem, say for instance an underbite or an overbite.

Apart from dental braces, your orthodontist may design the facemask or headgear which easily place around the head as well as connects to the available braces. Hence, this structure will help jawbone and teeth into a right alignment.


Once the orthodontist has thoroughly realigned or rearranged the teeth using any type of dental braces, a retainer, a headgear or other removable devices could then be given to ensure that the natural teeth don’t start to move back toward their real positions.

Remember, retainers are usually worn until the underlying natural bone has transformed or reformed into desired position.

Orthodontic treatment options


Traditional Metal Braces

Traditional or metal braces are designed using standard-level of stainless steel. They are regarded as the most traditional braces used by orthodontists. Metal braces use elastic or rubber ties especially to keep the wire into the placed bracket. Rubber or elastic ties can be found in different colours to choose from such as gold, grey and white.

Self-ligating Braces

Self-ligating braces are considered as the newest technology capable of decreasing the time usually patients need to use braces. These types of braces use an innovative wire system, which is certainly more advanced and flexible option than traditional braces.

Lingual Braces

Lingual braces are considered as the best braces. They are connected to the side of human teeth therefore making them almost invisible to other people.

These types of braces, the available brackets are connected onto the back area of the teeth, and hence making them barely visible while in other braces, the brackets could be welded onto the frontage space of the teeth, and therefore simply visible to everyone.

In concise, we can conclude that lingual braces can be best option for people who hesitate displaying of their braces to others.

Coloured/Gold Braces

If you aren’t willing to hide your braces, you need to go with gold or coloured braces. Usually these types of metal braces are used as social status symbol. This is the main reason behind the growing popularity of gold braces.

Ceramic Braces

Although ceramic braces are available in the same size and shape as braces made of metal are, but the basic difference here is that they are tooth-coloured or clear brackets that thoroughly match with human teeth.

Further, some ceramic braces are also available incorporated with tooth-coloured wires.

ClearPath (Clear Aligners)

This is a result of advancement in dentistry that one can wear braces to correct the dental alignment but without being noticed…

This is undoubtedly the best orthodontic treatment for adults.

Best Orthodontic Treatment for Adults in Delhi

Braces for adults



Why do Adults need Orthodontic Treatment?

Like children, adults may also need orthodontic treatment if they want to get rid of existing dental problem or disease. Remember, your teeth may change or move with age, due to a medial situation called tongue thrust, an injury, and of course due to your natural growth i.e. age.

Some people regret that their earlier eye-catching, straight, and strong teeth have become crooked and overcrowded. Some of the individuals may start experiencing jaw pain, and find it quite difficult to wash or clean their teeth, or usually complain to have a bad-looking smile.

Apart from aforementioned reasons, there are some individuals especially adults who should’ve already gone through the treatment to get reconstruct their crooked teeth, but due to lack of money or some other reasons, they couldn’t go with braces.

Now, they want to get rid of this problem and thus these adults too need orthodontic treatment. Further, there’re also some individuals who need this treatment to choose a desired career.

In short, it can be said that going through this treatment can be a total profit-generating situation for adults.

How should I care of my Braces?

You should be aware that taking care of the overall health of your teeth can be tougher once you’ve braces. Braces have lots of tiny spaces to trap particles of eatable stuffs, and hence this trapped food particles may cause plaque that may lead to several other harmful dental problems or diseases.

Thus, it is suggested that you should do additional efforts to have clean and strong teeth. You mustn’t forget brushing, washing and cleaning your teeth every time after taking food. However, you may find it a tedious and excessive job to do, but if you ignore your oral hygiene, you may have to struggle with loads of oral health problems.

You also need to be very conscious once you get braces installed because these artificial devices might bring some unusual oral health problems. Moreover, caring about your teeth doesn’t mean that you only want to have an attractive smile or facial expressions, but it means that you want to prevent lots of dental problems, say for instance, tartar, demineralization and gingivitis.

In concise, it has become quite difficult to keep your teeth clean with these braces. However, all the diseases related with oral heath can easily be cured but if you ignore them, you may have to face serious oral health issues.

In case of a gum disease or other oral health problems, the orthodontist will remove your braces. Now, the orthodontist will wait until your gums and mouth become fine or healthy. Once your doctor finds you orally fit, only then he will reapply braces.


Tips to take care while wearing Braces

If you have braces, you need to take care of them effectively so that you won’t face any difficulty. So, let’s have a look at some of the most important tips to take care while wearing braces.

  • In case of having braces, you mustn’t forget brushing, washing and flossing your teeth daily.
  • You must carefully wash your spaces between wire and teeth.
  • You can also use a soft sawing motion to work the floss situated between each space of teeth.
  • You must be very careful while cleaning teeth and braces. You aren’t supposed to force around arch wire.
  • Orthodontists recommend using a soft regular brush.
  • Buying mere a brush doesn’t mean that you will have a clean teeth, but you must also know how to brush. Thus, brushing your teeth in a right manner is also essential.
  • If you have braces, you need to choose Christmas tree cleaning brush. Basically this type of brush is designed to clean teeth incorporated with braces.
  • While brushing, you need to clean every area, including space between teeth, braces, wires, and of course tongue.

What should you not eat while using Braces?

However, there is not strict rule to avoid certain type of foods while wearing the braces, but still you should be conscious about some foods. You can eat what you love eating provided that you can cut them into very tiny pieces so that you can easily digest it.

However, if you want to get rid of any potential problem associated with oral health, you need to avoid stated below foods.

  • You must avoid eating foods, which are really hard to bite such as hard fruits like guava and apple.
  • You also need to avoid taking chewy foods such as toffee, chocolates, and other such stuffs.
  • Don’t eat carrots, popcorn and of course hard pretzels.
  • You must also avoid chewing bubble gum, ice tobacco, smoking and such other harmful materials.

Care required after removing Braces

If you assume that once you take off your braces, you won’t need to follow any precautions then you are certainly on wrong path. Remember, even after the removal of braces, your orthodontist can call you for further checkups or follow-ups.

He may recommend additional X-ray and other methods to re-examine the current status of your teeth, gums and overall oral health. Therefore, after the elimination of braces, you will still need to keep a few significant points in mind.

  • Don’t eat ice, chocolate, alcohol and other harmful stuffs as it may harm your newly designed teeth.
  • Don’t eat food that needs extra effort to chew.
  • Brush, wash and clean your teeth, gums and tongue on regular basis
  • Don’t forget considering your doctor in case of experiencing anything wrong such as pain, blood and swelling while brushing.

There are lots of reasons why adults or aged people need to look for orthodontic treatment, including irregular alignment of teeth, jawbone and other related problems.

However, adults and children are diagnosed and treated using almost same treatment procedure, but for adults there are different materials available which may be expensive but can be solution to those problems which they may face had they been treated with the conventional method.

Lingual Braces, Clear Aligners and Ceramic Braces which is the best Option for Adults

With natural color of teeth to transparent, patented and of course removable devices called Aligners; there are lots of options available when it comes to orthodontic treatment for adults.

Hence, different treatment methods are used for different type of oral dental problems, keeping the overall health, age and requirements of patient in mind.

Remember, different dental technique comes with different objectives and has already been discussed above, like:

  • Ceramic braces
  • Metal braces or traditional braces
  • Self-ligating braces
  • Lingual braces
  • Clear braces
  • Removable appliances
  • Colored & gold braces


Invisible Braces/Aligners from ClearPath are the best option for adults

It is found that clear aligners are better than traditional braces. These types of equipments are developed to help establishing teeth into a certain position. Similar to usual braces, modern clear aligners also opt for a measured force to arrange or align tooth functionality but without typical metal wires or brackets.

Usually, the aligners are made out of durable plastic material. They are designed in such a way that can fit into any size or type of human mouth. The main motto of these aligners is to push human teeth until the desired position is accomplished.

If you are an adult and want to get maximum possible benefits out of wearing aligners, you need to wear them at least 20 hours in a day. Further, you also need to wear the aligners at least for three weeks before moving to next position. The length of this type of treatment basically depends on the condition of the disease.

However, on an average, duration of aligner therapy may be between 2 weeks to 6 months. This is the main reason why wearing aligners is considered as a shorter treatment than usual or traditional braces therapy.

What are the Benefits of ClearPath (Clear Aligners) Treatment?

If you hate wearing traditional metal braces, or if you went through an orthodontic treatment in the past but now want some minor changes, you need to look nowhere else but clear aligner treatment. You will get plenty of benefits if you choose orthodontic treatment with clear aligners.

  • Clear aligners are removable and hence it is really easy to clean and floss them after meals.
  • You will surely find them easy to brush and clean.
  • Being very flexible i.e. comfortably designed, clear aligners can easily adjust with your mouth – cheeks and gums.
  • Clear aligners thoroughly prevent tooth wear especially from irritating grinding.

How do I care of my Braces?

You need to understand that taking care of your natural teeth will be more difficult once you get braces installed. As everyone knows that braces hold several tiny spaces to trap particles of food, and therefore this trapped particles of foods may cause plaque that may lead to several serious dental problems.

Therefore, you need to be very conscious about how to take care of your braces and thus teeth.

  • You must brush, wash and clean your teeth regularly so that you can make them natural shiny, strong and disease-free.
  • It is better if you clean your teeth and braces with a prescribed brush. This way, you can have naturally clean teeth.
  • Don’t forget including gums and tongue to your daily cleaning habit.
  • However, you need to focus on cleaning your teeth, but when you have braces; you first need to clean them as without having cleaned braces, you aren’t supposed to have a good oral health.
  • It is often seen that some patients may find it really difficult to mould themselves with braces. If it is also the case with you then you must consult with your orthodontist.
  • In case of experiencing something wrong like bleeding, pain and other problem in your gums and teeth, you mustn’t waste your time and should get in touch with your dental professional.