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We at Dr Gupta’s Dental & Braces Clinic take utmost care to improve patient’s smile in all possible ways.

With newer materials available combined with the surgeons capability along with a good lab support it is possible to achieve that dazzling smile at our clinic. Then what are you waiting for? Visit our clinic and make others envy your smile.











Anterior Soft Tissue Recontour

Pt complained about the asymmetry of the anterior gums. We at Dr Gupta’s Dental & Braces Clinic did the recontouring of gingival using LASER.


Tooth Whitening And Brightening

Coffee, tea, or white teeth?

With the advent of safe teeth whitening procedures you can enjoy them all

We at Dr Gupta’s Dental & Braces Clinic do teeth whitenting using latest dental laser.

Cosmetic Buildup of fractured tooth

BRUSHING TOO VIGOROUSLY Causing Ditching of softer root surfaces. Restored with Direct Adhesion Technique

Tooth Colored Filling

Silver Filling replaced esthetic filling PORCELAIN LAMINATE VENEERS The resulting cosmetic, function and durability were superb.

Ceramic Veneers

Six porcelain veneers placed which greatly enhanced the contour , shade and symmetry of the teeth. Note the realism and the healthy tissue response

Lost smile of the patient becoz of ugly spaces and discoloration was gained back at Dr Gupta’s Dental & Braces Clinic using ceramic veneers

This young mother who endured months of “morning sickness” during three consecutive pregnancies sustained considerable tooth damage. We at Dr Gupta’s Dental & Braces Clinic were able to veneer the acid-damaged enamel on her six front teeth and revive a beautiful and youthful smile

Accidental Case causing fracture of front teeth Patient’s smile was restored using metal free crowns.

Gingival Prosthesis