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Best Periodontic/ Gums Treatment in Rohini & Pitampura

Treatment of gums becomes necessary mainly when they get infectious. At present, it is estimated that approximately 80% people suffer from some kind of gum disease. Hence, one can clearly understand its relevance.

Several medical treatment methods are available that result in healthy gums. Some of the prominent methods are as follows:


  • Medications: This mode of treatment is specifically used to control bacteria and to minimize the size of periodontal pockets (an abnormal extension on the gum). However, the usage of this treatment mode for longer time periods can only be decided based on extensive studies.
  • Deep Cleaning: There are 2 major processes involved here. One is ‘Scaling’, wherein the tartar above and below the gum line is scrapped off. The other process called ‘Root planing’, that involves removal of the uneven and rough spots in the tooth root. Both these are better methods since they result in lesser bleeding and swelling.
  • Surgeries: This becomes necessary when the gum is seriously infected. Various surgeries like flap surgery, bone & tissue grafting, dental crown lengthening etc are available. A particular surgery is opted only after careful diagnosis of the gum disease.

Excluding these procedures, there are also other methods like tray delivery system (non-surgical).

Although there are several procedures to regain the health of gums, it is always advisable to prevent these diseases. One can keep away from these diseases just by adopting simple practices like daily brushing, periodic flossing etc.