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It is a relevant dental specialty dealing with maintenance and restoration of oral function. This is done by replacing the missing teeth by the use of external implanted devices.

Nowadays, dental implants have become very popular methods of missing teeth replacement. Procedures involve placing of crowns, bridges, on lays, inlays and other dentures. Aesthetic appeal is also of priority. This dental specialty is recognized as one of 9 defined dental branches. Several professional services are offered by experienced Prosthodontists.

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The following sub divisions mention some of them:

  • Cosmetic Dentistry: This deals with providing and retaining a healthy and attractive oral appearance. Professionals in these areas expertise in areas like color matching, bonding & whitening techniques, reshaping the teeth by the use of veneers etc.
  • Missing teeth replacement: Wide ranges of options currently exist for replacement whether it is complete or partial dentures.

In addition to there are yet so many services like dental implants provided.

Eye prosthesis (ocular prosthesis)

Commonly referred to as the artificial eye or the glass eye, it is a replacement of the natural one. This might be done following evisceration, nucleation etc. The prosthesis is fabricated using a plastic acrylic and shaped like a convex shell. They may also be made of cryolite glass. Normal vision is not provided by the ocular prosthesis.

Mouth guard

Several day-to-day activities involve rigorous teeth usage and lead to its wear and tear. Hence to protect them, devices known as mouth guards are introduced. They are of 3 main types:

  • Boil & Bite mouth protectors: They are composed of thermostatic materials and therefore they are largely resistant to heat variations. The protector is softened using hot water and then placed in the mouth. They can be molded into the desired shape by simply exerting tongue pressure.
  • Stock mouth protectors: These are ready-to-wear implants. However they have poor adjustment and are generally bulky. They also obstruct the breath and therefore they are less recommended despite of their cost effectiveness.
  • Custom fitted mouth protectors: These devices are fabricated in a professional laboratory according to individual needs. To fabricate them, a model of the original teeth is made using a special material and the guard is molded over the model. More protection and comfort is provided. The sophisticated procedure and the use of the special material make them more expensive.