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Teeth Whitening Treatment

Whitening dentistry has taken off in the last few years with so many patients now happy with bright smiles, we know the confidence that comes with having pearly white teeth.

Whitening dentistry involves a variety of options, such as in-house bleaching, laser whitening, and at-home bleaching products.we look forward to discussing your options with tooth whitening.

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Teeth whitening also known as bleaching of teeth are cosmetic procedure of whitening the teeth. With increasing consciousness among people regarding their looks, bleaching of teeth is becoming very popular and in much demand.

A bright and pleasant smile does make a big difference in ones confidence level and who doesn’t wish for a beautiful smile. Yellowed stained teeth can spoil that important first impression and even turn people off.

Indications for bleaching

  • Stain of tea, coffee.
  • Yellowness of teeth due to age.
  • Dull darkened teeth.
  • Bleaching is not very effective for florosis, smoking stains, tetracycline stains.
  • Bleaching not advisable for people with sensitive teeth. Periodontal disorder, or teeth with more cravel.

How long does it last for ?

Whitening teeth last for 1 to 1 and half years but factors such as poor oral hygiene maintenance, smoking habits and taking too much of tobacco products, coffee , tea or hard drinks can cause the yellow color of teeth to appear soon again.

Then in that situation you can choose to get a touch up. Using the same bleaching tray this will cost you less and will also take lesser time.

Is bleaching safe?

Bleaching is completely compatible,safe and effective.